Let’s get digital. Using a mobile phone.

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I have now been at Lauderdale House for one month, and what a wonderful month it has been. My name is Alice Watson, and I am the newly recruited Heritage Education Officer, and I love being a member of the Lauderdale Exposed project. I wouldn’t have called myself a particularly confident photographer, but guided by our wonderful in-house photographer, Polly Hancock, and the brilliant mix of fellow participants I am increasingly more confident behind the camera lens, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I use my mobile phone as my camera device, as it is the most convenient way for me to take photographs, and I admit that I am one of those people who usually have a mobile phone super glued to their right hand. Using the camera phone lens I have been able to capture some wonderful Lauderdale House projects. I recently popped into one of our brilliant Portraiture and Figure Drawing Art Classes, run by Zoe Hirson at Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre (one of our Lauderdale Pop Up venues) and was struck by the talent in the room, and the relaxing and encouraging environment, can you spot the sleeping baby in the photo?

Since taking this photo I am a more confident photographer, and believe my composition skills have improved enormously. I am still learning, and rest assured I have taken off my phone cover since taking this photograph (can you see the slight orange haze in the top right hand corner…doh!).

I am really looking forward to taking more photographs as part of the project, and welcoming more people onto the project. Camera phones and all!


Still Life

BM 11.05.16. 1WEB

On Wednesday 10th May, the Lauderdale Exposed team followed art tutor Zoe’s “Pop Up Lauderdale” Still Life drawing group to the British Museum. Lots of crowds, lots of losing each other and so unbelievably absorbed in our quest, totally failed to be sidetracked by the cake stand! A first!


Group Meeting 9 May 2016

Meeting up at Lauderdale’s temporary offices at the Park Centre in Waterlow Park, our Lauderdale Exposed monthly group meeting gave us the chance to look at some of the photographs we took at the Bill Roth event, talk about what we took and plan for the month ahead. I think it’s fair to say that we are all quite excited to be working together on this project, under the Lauderdale House umbrella. Team member Patricia brought along some photos that she took at one of the Pop Up Lauderdale drawing classes at the National Portrait gallery last week.May 9 meeting-9

We were also joined by the Vice Chair from Highgate Newtown Community Centre who reminded us that one of the facilities at the centre is a fully functioning darkroom. Good to know!


Bill Roth Quartet at Hill Homes

Bill Roth Quartet Lunchtime Concert at Hill Homes

“I tremendously enjoyed both time with my team, and the event yesterday and am now looking forward to the next ones. The rest of the shots I’m going to keep for the group and the exhibition ( 1-15 images ) – I could kill myself now -I forgot to photograph the table with all that food!”

Gordana Johnson – Lauderdale Exposed Team


The Billroth Quartet usually play a free monthly lunchtime concert at Lauderdale House. During the closure however, they have been relocated to Hill Homes, a modern Care Home just along the road in Highgate. Today, the Lauderdale Exposed team consisted of Gordana, Derek, Alice and myself, and as it was our first group outing I think we were all wondering exactly how all this was going to work. Not wanting to disrupt the concert in anyway, our first hurdle was to navigate the event silently – not easy with a SLR, and without flash so using only natural light. We crept, we hung back, we managed not to trip up and land on an unsuspecting audience members lap, and despite these hurdles hopefully we all got a few snaps of the event. Events are often like this, you imagine that you will be able to walk with ease around the action clicking and flashing away, but then reality slams on the brakes and you have to find a new way around. Luckily I always carry a chamois leather in my bag which not only serves as a lens wiper and rain protector, but wrapped around the camera body it also serves as a make-shift silencer for shutter noise. Here’s a few shots taken by Derek, Gordana and myself.

Polly Hancock – Photographer in Residence, Lauderdale House.

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