Larking about at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

We had a wonderful time at Lark in the Park on Saturday 17 September to celebrate the 125th anniversary of public ownership of Waterlow Park.

There was much joviality, and many people from across local communities came to Waterlow Park to take part in the celebration.

One of the many wonderful activities at the event was Lauderdale House’s immersive theatre experience The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Lots of people joined in the story of Alice in Wonderland, ate cake, drank iced tea and juice and played lots of games with characters from C.S.Lewis’s classic tale.

Lark in the Park, which was organised by the Friend’s of Waterlow Park was a wondeful community event for the members of Lauderdale Exposed to take photographs of the public, and how best to capture key moments of fun, as shown in this fantastic photograph taken by Polly Hancock.

Lark In The Park 2016
Lark In The Park, celebrating 125 years of Waterlow Park 17.09.16. Mad Hatters Tea Party organised by Lauderdale House

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