Lauderdale Exposed. Welcome to Camden

Our first meeting at Lauderdale House’s new home in Camden Town.

Here, I (Alice) am showing some of our participants how to contribute to the Lauderdale Exposed webpage, so that they can add their own blog posts to the webpage and become confident and active online contributors to Lauderdale Exposed.

Being a member of Lauderdale Exposed allows you an array of opportunities to not only flex your artistic muscles by taking photographs, but also to learn fantastic skills in marketing and project planning. The first event that Lauderdale Exposed have programmed is Portrait in the Park, which will be taking place on Saturday 30th July from 10am. We will be taking photographs of members of the public dressed in period costumes that are pertinent to the history of Lauderdale House. So expect to see some Tudor maids and Victorian dandies if you go through Waterlow Park on Saturday 30th July. We will be taking photographs on the tea lawn behind Lauderdale House, so please do come and see us.



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