Let’s get digital. Using a mobile phone.

Photo 10-05-2016, 14 39 22

I have now been at Lauderdale House for one month, and what a wonderful month it has been. My name is Alice Watson, and I am the newly recruited Heritage Education Officer, and I love being a member of the Lauderdale Exposed project. I wouldn’t have called myself a particularly confident photographer, but guided by our wonderful in-house photographer, Polly Hancock, and the brilliant mix of fellow participants I am increasingly more confident behind the camera lens, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I use my mobile phone as my camera device, as it is the most convenient way for me to take photographs, and I admit that I am one of those people who usually have a mobile phone super glued to their right hand. Using the camera phone lens I have been able to capture some wonderful Lauderdale House projects. I recently popped into one of our brilliant Portraiture and Figure Drawing Art Classes, run by Zoe Hirson at Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre (one of our Lauderdale Pop Up venues) and was struck by the talent in the room, and the relaxing and encouraging environment, can you spot the sleeping baby in the photo?

Since taking this photo I am a more confident photographer, and believe my composition skills have improved enormously. I am still learning, and rest assured I have taken off my phone cover since taking this photograph (can you see the slight orange haze in the top right hand corner…doh!).

I am really looking forward to taking more photographs as part of the project, and welcoming more people onto the project. Camera phones and all!


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