Group Meeting 9 May 2016

Meeting up at Lauderdale’s temporary offices at the Park Centre in Waterlow Park, our Lauderdale Exposed monthly group meeting gave us the chance to look at some of the photographs we took at the Bill Roth event, talk about what we took and plan for the month ahead. I think it’s fair to say that we are all quite excited to be working together on this project, under the Lauderdale House umbrella. Team member Patricia brought along some photos that she took at one of the Pop Up Lauderdale drawing classes at the National Portrait gallery last week.May 9 meeting-9

We were also joined by the Vice Chair from Highgate Newtown Community Centre who reminded us that one of the facilities at the centre is a fully functioning darkroom. Good to know!



2 thoughts on “Group Meeting 9 May 2016

  1. I love being part of this project. When we look at Lauderdale House now we can only see a fence, but there is a lot of work and commitment happening within it. The Lauderdale team has managed to keep the music, the art and the community going for months while the house is been refurbish, and we will be there to document it.


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