Bill Roth Quartet at Hill Homes

Bill Roth Quartet Lunchtime Concert at Hill Homes

“I tremendously enjoyed both time with my team, and the event yesterday and am now looking forward to the next ones. The rest of the shots I’m going to keep for the group and the exhibition ( 1-15 images ) – I could kill myself now -I forgot to photograph the table with all that food!”

Gordana Johnson – Lauderdale Exposed Team


The Billroth Quartet usually play a free monthly lunchtime concert at Lauderdale House. During the closure however, they have been relocated to Hill Homes, a modern Care Home just along the road in Highgate. Today, the Lauderdale Exposed team consisted of Gordana, Derek, Alice and myself, and as it was our first group outing I think we were all wondering exactly how all this was going to work. Not wanting to disrupt the concert in anyway, our first hurdle was to navigate the event silently – not easy with a SLR, and without flash so using only natural light. We crept, we hung back, we managed not to trip up and land on an unsuspecting audience members lap, and despite these hurdles hopefully we all got a few snaps of the event. Events are often like this, you imagine that you will be able to walk with ease around the action clicking and flashing away, but then reality slams on the brakes and you have to find a new way around. Luckily I always carry a chamois leather in my bag which not only serves as a lens wiper and rain protector, but wrapped around the camera body it also serves as a make-shift silencer for shutter noise. Here’s a few shots taken by Derek, Gordana and myself.

Polly Hancock – Photographer in Residence, Lauderdale House.

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